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How To Keep School Running During Corona Shutdown

Wondering, if coronavirus stays and the schools and businesses stay shut, how would you teach? how would students learn? How will they grow? Won’t they be behind?”

“There are a few ways that can help you with efficient School Management. You can use many ways to keep students on track even in times of chaos. We have made a list of all the tools that can help you with conducting the classes or preparing the students.”

Gallery: You can conduct classes on YouTube and publish them via Gallery. It can help you with the right marketing. Parents would know that your school will go an extra mile to keep students on track. Here’s what you need to set up.

  1. You would need a camera or if you have a digital pen to publish the notes as you do on board.
  2. You need an average camera record the video, or you can go live depends on your confidence.
  3. Good Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Google Docs: Google Docs is an app that helps in , keeping notes via recordings, images, typing or free hand drawing. You can create notes and share it via links with Notifications and Informational. Also, share the content via YouTube video descriptions.

  • Using eSchoolApp can help you share the notes with Notifications and SMS alike.
  • You can purchase Bulk SMS’ to make sure you reach the students 
    You can also share the links via Chat.