​Library Management

Library Management

In today’s time, almost each and every school is having a vast library. And it is also mandatory for each school to keep the latest and updated collections of book in their libraries. This helps in increasing the knowledge of the students and also enhance their productivity. In eSchool ERP the Library module’s functioning will help the schools in maintaining a flawless record of all the books present in the school and also their specific details like publisher name, vendor name, author name etc. Enter all the details and allow the system to function on itself. It will provide you the whole accession register with details of available and issued books. Also the most important benefit is that the parents can view the list of available books from the school’s mobile app.
Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.


The Library modules contains various segments namely – Accession Register, Issue Register, Add Accession, Supplements and Defaulters List. We will discuss every segment briefly below.

​Library Management Tutorial
  • Add Accession :- In eSchool ERP’s Library module, doing entry of new book is a much simpler task compared to while doing in a register or paper. When you will open this segment you will see a Form with various fields related to the Books documentation.
  • First there will be a form naming Book Information. In that fill up all the fields with the specific information related to that Book like Author name, Title, Publisher, Category etc.
  • Then the next form is Multimedia Information. Some books comes with educational CDs or DVDs which contains learning materials as well educational presentations and videos. So information regarding all those CDs and DVDs should be entered in this box Supplement Name, Type etc.
  • After that there is Purchase Information form, in which fields like Purchase Date, Source, Cost, Bill No. etc should be filled with the relevant details.
  • And at last there is Withdrawal Information form in which withdrawal no and withdrawal date are to be filled with a remark if any.
  • After doing all the Entries and filling up all the forms Click on Add button below.
    You can also go to Accession Register page by Clicking on Back to Accession Register button.
​Library Management Accession register