This is one of the most important modules of the eSchool ERP. This module is mainly used by the admin only. There are various staffs and department in the school whom the administration has assigned various tasks or department. In this case the admin can create his/her user in this system and allow them only selected part of the system which is relevant to their department and displays only that module to that user. This module is fully customizable and can be easily moderated by the admin only.
Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

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There are mainly 3 segments in this module, namely User Management, User Permission and Password Change. We will discuss all the segments briefly below.




  • User Management :- This segment is very important as it is used to create a new user by entering all the details of that user and also you can see the list of the user already made in your system.


    • Below the list of the users you can see a form with the heading Create User.
    • Enter the details like username, password, email, staff etc.
    • And click on Create User. User will be created.
    • You can also change the associated staff or change the password by clicking the relevant options from the list of users.

User Management

  • User permission:-  It is very much important to check whether the data stored in our system is not accessible to those who are not authorized to access it or duplicate it. So to make sure that this is avoided the user module provides a segment of USER PERMISSION in which after creating a particular user you can assign him/her permissions of those modules or segments which are relevant to that user or are associated to that user. So after giving the permission that particular user will only see those modules whose permission is given to him/her after login.


    • Just select the user and click on GO.
    • There will be two options in front the names of all the modules Allow All and Read Only.
    • Select Allow All if you want user to access and make changes in that module.
    • Select Read Only if you want user to only see that module but cannot make any changes.
    • Click on Submit after completion.

User Permission

  • Password Change :- This segment helps to change the password of the admin.


    • Just enter the recent password.
    • Enter the new password which you want to keep and confirm it.
    • Click on Change Password button.

Password Change
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