​Payroll Management​​

Payroll Management

eSchool’s Payroll Management feature gives you  a complete and well-defined salary structure for every employee. As far as flexibility is concern, the module is made in such a manner that the salary structure can be updated at any point of time. Keeping in mind the difficulties faced while calculating PF, TDS, DA etc., this module provides the automatic calculation of these components. It is seamlessly integrated with employee attendance as well to get the perfect calculation for the Paid leaves and deductible leaves. This module deals with the financial aspects of employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay etc. The outstanding benefits of this module is its easy implementation and its extensive features and reports. It helps you to generate all the necessary Reports related to employee, attendance/leave, payroll etc.

Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

There are various segments related to the Payroll Management.

salary module

Salary :- In the Staff Module you can see a segment named Salary. As we have discussed in the Staff module’s first segment ie Configuration segment, that how you can create a new Salary Head as well as Salary Template. In that you can mention that the head which you are creating is Basic, Payable or Deductible. The heads which you will create there will reflect here. The Salary segment consists of various subsegments ie Salary Payment, Salary Loan and Define Salary. We will discuss each subsegment briefly.

Salary Payment :- In this you can do salary payment by letting the system automatically calculate the salary and its payable amount of that particular staff.

  • There are various filters given above, fill up any field by entering the relevant information. Click on Go.
  • You will get the all the Staff members and teachers with the complete payment details.
  • The basic salary, payable heads and deductible heads everything will be shown in that list.
  • And in the last you can see the remaining payable amount
  • After checking all the amount and editing if any, click on Submit.

*Note :- Staff’s salary payment will not be marked in case of attendance section is blank (i.e. Column P, CL , A is Blank)

salary payments

Salary Loan :- This Sub Segment will allow you to give loan (if applicable) to the staff member or a particular teacher. The loan which is being provided by the school can be under different heads and repaid by that employee through fixed repayment installments.

  • You will see the list of all the staff members who have taken load previously from the school with details like their name, designation, salary head under which they took loan, date of loan repayment installments etc.
  • Enter the name, date of loan, amount, salary head, repayment installment etc and click on Add.
salary loan

Define Salary :- The salary segment works smoothly and flawlessly if all the minute details like payable amount and deductible amount are entered carefully in the system to help it calculate.

  • In this you will see different configurable tabs.
  • Select the staff member for which you have to configure the details.
  • First tab is of Bank details in which you will have to enter the bank details of the employee.
  • Details like Bank Name, Bank A/C No, IFSC Code, PF A/C No, ESIC No., are to entered in the relevant fields.
  • After entering all the details for click on Save button. Then enter the details for rest of the employees.
salary managment for erp
  • After entering the bank details, now comes the part of entering Salaries in the Manage Salary Tab.
  • In this tab you will various important fields in which the amount is to be entered.
  • There are various sections in this like Basic Salary – this is the basic amount which will be paid to the employee, Deduct – in this you will have