How to send Report Card to parents

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In the functioning of school each and everything is kept aside when it comes to Studies and Getting Results. The whole reputation of the school is depended on the Academics of the students. Nowadays there are various rules which are which are applied by the CBSE in all the school regarding exams and results. One of the most important is CCE pattern of examination. In this pattern the exam of the students are divided into various groups and criterias and the marks and weightage are given accordingly. As per the norms of CBSE, all the schools have to apply this form of examination and give the students Grades according to their performances and descriptives according to the grades. All these things should be mentioned in the Report Card of the student. The Results module of the eSchool ERP is fully designed keeping in mind the latest guidelines and norms of CBSE. It is completely as per the CCE pattern so the teachers can easily provide the marks and take out the report cards of the student just like what CBSE wants. In this module you will have to just do some pre configuration like setting up the grades, subjects, exams, evaluation etc. for all the classes of the school and after that you can take out report card of the students. This module is very technical and deep and consists of lot of segments and subsegments in that.

Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

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  • Configuration :- This segment is very much important as whatever we will configure here will be reflected in almost all segments of the ERP. If there is any mistake in this segment then it will affect various other modules as well. There are various sub segments in this segment, we will understand each of them briefly.


    • Upscale :- There are many students in the school who are active in various sports and activity games and represents the school in many regional, national as well as international tournaments and even win prizes for that. So it is pretty obvious that those students would not get enough time to attend school and also not able to study so in that case the school authorities can provide upgrade to those students in the form of Upscale.
      • Provide the cut off minimum, cut off maximum and no. of upgrades.
      • Click on ADD.
      • You can also Edit/Delete a particular entry if you want to by clicking the relevant button.


    • Grade :- According to the latest guidelines of the CBSE, all the exams taken in the school have to be evaluated in the form of grades and instead of marks grades should be given to the students. So this segment allows us to make grade pointers for the various exam which will take place in the school. Each school follows different pattern of grade pointer. Here you can configure all types of grade pointers which you want to make. For ex if you make 5 pointer grade scale then the student will get any one of the five grades ie A, B, C, D or E (or whatever you will create). Same goes for 3 pointer and 7 pointer.
      • Enter the Grade Scale Name in the text box under Grade Configuration.
      • Enter the Display name for that Grade Scale. Then click on Add.
      • Now in the Grade Scale Conversion section, select the Grade Scale from the drop down menu and click on Go.
      • Then fill up all the conversions and grades and click on Add.
      • For ex , if you select 5 Point Grade Scale, that means you want to give 5 grades so enter the Grades and Cut Off min and Cut Off max marks for that grade and click on Go.
      • Let’s say for 0-32 marks you want to give E grade, for 33-49 D grade etc. then you can enter it from there and Add it like shown in the image below.



    • Exam :- After creating the Grade Scale along with their conversions, the next step is to configure the Exams. This is just to inform the system that which exam you are taking for a particular class and what will be its grade scale and Exam group etc. details.
      • Select the class for which you have to configure the exams from the drop down list above and click on Go.
      • First do the entry for Scholastic Subjects(ie Academic Subject) and then for Co-Scholastic Subjects(ie Non Academic or co curricular subjects).
      • Enter the Exam Name in the first field like FA 1, FA 2, etc.
      • Then select the Grade Scale. (the grade scale which you will create earlier will be shown here).
      • Give the Exam Order , Exam Group (like CCE or FA or SA).
      • Give the Term Group like Term 1 or Term 2.
      • Select if you want to count Absent as Zero and also if you want to Auto Notify whenever there is a marks entry for that exam to the parents.
      • Then click on Add.
      • Do all the entries and repeat the same for Co- Scholastic subjects as well as all the other classes.


  • Subject :- After configuring exams, the next and the most important step is to setup Subjects of each and every class. There are many things related to subjects like their evaluation for each and every exam, weightage and marks for different exams etc. All these things are managed and configured in this sub segment. In eSchool ERP there are various options like you can copy the subject structure of one class to another or also the evaluation structure from one subject to another, which is very much helpful to the teachers and staff of the school to manage all the subject related matters smoothly and flawlessly.


      • Select the class for which you have to configure the subjects and click on Go.
      • On the top you will see 2 options ie Data Entry and Copy Pasting. First we will go by manual data entry.
      • Enter the Subject Code, then Subject Name, Order of the Subject, then check if you want to make the subject optional. Then click on Add.
      • Like this Add all the subjects for that class, first for Scholastic and then for Co-Scholastic.
      • After entering all the subjects you will a blue button named Get Evaluation.
      • Click on Get Evaluation, it will take you to a new page in which all the exam which you have created earlier will be displayed with blank fields of criteria, group etc under each exam.
      • In this enter all the relevant information like the Weightage, Max Marks, Criteria Name, Group Name, Group Order, Criteria Order etc.
      • This data varies from school to school and according to the CBSE norms and Guidelines.
      • Enter all the Criteria carefully as it will be displayed in the Reports of the Students.
      • After entering all the data click on Add and Save.
      • This is done for one subject. For ex if you configured evaluation for English subject and want to have same evaluation for Hindi subject then in the main page of the Subject take mouse cursor over English. You will see two options ie Copy and Paste. Click on Copy then bring the cursor to Hindi subject and click on Paste. By this the same evaluation will be copied from English to Hindi.
      • Enter the Evaluation for all the Subjects by this process.


Get Evaluation

    • Descriptive Entries :- According to the guidelines of CBSE, students should be given Grades instead of marks and each grade has some special descriptive indicator which helps the parents to evaluate their child’s performance in accordance with the Grades he got. For ex if the student got A grade then the descriptive should be something like – He is highly active, and on the other hand if the student got E grade then it should be like – He is least active. All these entries are done in the system according to the DI guidelines of CBSE.
      • Select the class, select Subject Type (scholas or co-scholas), select Subject, select Group and then select Criteria. (the entries which you have done in Get evaluation page for each subject will be shown here).
      • Enter the Descriptive Indicator, give reference no., and then select the Grade for which that descriptive is denoted and click Add.
      • Repeat this with different DI’s for all the grades and all the criterias of all the groups of all the Subjects.
      • If you want to Edit/Delete any entry you can do it by clicking the relevant button.
      • You can also Copy the DI’s of a particular class to any other class by using the Copy option in the same page.

Descriptive Indicators

  • Report Template :- After entering all the details like exam, grades, subjects, DI’s etc. the next part which comes is of Reports. Each school have their format of report card in which they print results of the students. For this school will have to give that format to the technical team of eSchool and they will give you a template name which will be something like ‘xyz_VIII_rpt_abc_new.aspx’.


      • Enter that particular file name in the box under the same heading.
      • Give proper description like for which class report that template name belongs (the name should be easy to understand as it will be displayed in list while selecting Report Format).
      • Click on add. You can also Edit/Delete any entries by clicking the relevant buttons.
      • The template name should be entered very carefully and should be exactly the same as given by the technical team (with uppercase and lowercase as it is).

Report Template

  • Report Format :- After entering all the Report Template, now you will have to configure report formats in all classes.


      • There will be a list of all the classes and in front of that there is a template drop down.
      • Select the exact template for that particular class (the description which you gave in the Report Template page will be displayed here).
      • Select users if you want to associate.
      • You can also upload separate banner for each class by using the Upload Banner button just next to it.
      • After selecting all the report formats, click on Submit.
      • After completing this procedure you are ready to take out and generate report card for all the students.


Report Formate

  • Report :- After all the configuration of subjects, grades, exams and also marks entry, school can take out report card of students. This segment provides various methods to take out report for the student. They can take out report Individually, Term wise, consolidated etc various methods.


  • Administrative :- In this segment, you can generate student reports in various methods like Individually, term wise, exam wise, consolidated etc.


      • Individual Exam Wise Report :- By this you can take out report of a single exam of a particular class. Just select the class, section and exam like FA1 or SA 1 or any and click on Go. It can be exported to excel file also.

Individual exam wise report

      • Term Wise Report :- In this you can generate Term Wise report and export it to excel file. Just select the class, and tick on the exam check box for all the exams which you want to see the report for and then click on Go.

Term Wise Report

      • Exam Report :- In this section, you can take out report for a particular exam at a time. Just select the class, section, subject type and exam name for which you have to take the report and click on Go. You can also export this file or all files to Excel by clicking the relevant button.

Exam Report

      • Consolidated Result Sheet :- Using this section you can take out consolidated result sheet with all the marks getting displayed in the form of grades. Just select the class, section and subject type and click on Go. This result sheet can be taken out in the form of excel sheet by clicking on Export to Excel button and Export All To Excel.

Consolidated Result Sheet

      • Marks Wise Filter Report :- Using this section you can get a list of students according to the marks they have obtained. Just select class, section, subject, exam, activity, and give the mark filter like ‘=’ (equal to) , ‘>’ (greater than) or ‘<’ (less than) and then provide the comparing percentage and click on Go. Take out the excel report by clicking on the relevant button.

Markswise Filtering Report

  • Student Report :- The print out of the student report card can be taken out from here. There are options if you want to take print out for a single student or for the whole class.


      • Select the class from the top for which you have to take out the report.
      • If you want to take out report for a single student of the class which you selected above, then click on Generate individual Report Card For Sch No.  and enter the scholar no of that student in that box and click on Print.
      • If you want to take out print for the whole class then click on Generate Class Report Card For Class and click on Export to Pdf.

Student Report

  • Misc Fields :- In a report card of a student, there are mandatory fields like Name, Address, DOB etc but eSchool ERP’s Result modules allows you to add some extra fields if you want to in the report card of the students. This segment allows you to configure the misc fields and also allows you to do the Data Entry for the same. It has 3 sub segments namely – Config, Data Entry and End Remarks.

misc Fields

  • Config :- The additional parameters which you want to be displayed in the report card of the student can be Configured from here.


      • Just enter the name of the Additional Parameter in the box (which is mandatory).
      • Provide the field order and click on Submit.
      • You will see all the parameters which you are adding in the list below.
      • If you want to edit/delete any entry then you can do the same by clicking on the relevant button.


  • Data Entry :- The entry for all the new parameters which you will make in the config page will be done here.


      • Select the class from the drop down menu above, the list of the student will get displayed below with the name of the Parameters(created earlier) on the header side.
      • Fill up all the relevant details for all the students for all the parameters. Then click on Submit.
      • Repeat the same process for all the other Classes.

Data Entry

  • End Remarks :- In this sub segment you can do the entry for the fields which comes at the of the report like Height, Weight, Promoted to, Any Special Remarks, Note by Principal or Teacher etc.


      • Just select the class and section from the drop down menu.
      • The list of all the students will be displayed with empty text boxes in front of them.
      • There will be approx 4 columns in which the Height and Weight will come automatically from the scholar register entry.
      • The Remarks and note column can either be filled individually or all in one by doing manual entry one by one or entering the Remark and Note in the box above and clicking on Apply To All.
      • In the Note are fill the info following the Instructions given above.
      • After doing all the Entries click on Submit.

End Remarks

  • Student Elective :- This segment is useful for the classes which have multiple subjects which are optional and student are to chose any one or two from the given optional subjects.


    • Select the class from above. The list of the student with the optional subjects of that class will be displayed below.
    • Tick the subject for the relevant student and click on Submit.
    • Repeat the process for different classes.

Student Elective

  • Marks Entry :- As its name says, this segment is purely used for entering the marks which the students obtained in various subjects in different exams.


    • Select the class, section, subject type, subject and exam for which you have to enter the marks.
    • The list of all the student will appear below with name of all the criteria for the selected subject in the header section.
    • Enter the marks for all the criterias and for all the student and click on Submit.
    • When you will click on Submit, notification will be automatically sent to the parents informing them about the marks of their wards.
    • You can Export the entered marks as well as blank result in the Excel format by clicking the relevant button below.

Marks Entry


  • Descriptive indicators Entry :- The descriptive indicators which we have entered in the system earlier for all the subjects and criterias will generated in this segment.


    • Select the class, section, subject and exam for which you have to generate the descriptive indicators.
    • The list of all the students will be displayed below with empty boxes in front of them under their relevant criteria also the marks obtained by them will also be shown.
    • Click on the Auto Generate button. (before clicking this make sure all the marks entry is done and descriptive indicators are entered in the system).
    • When you will Auto Generated the system will analyze the marks which the students has obtained and will provide the grade according to that and then according to that grade, it will bring out the descriptive entered for that grade in that particular subject. Then Click on Submit.
    • Repeat the same process for different exams and classes and click on Submit.

Descriptive Indicators Entry

  • Delete Result :- If by mistake the marks entry done for a particular subject in a particular class is wrong then you can delete that entry from here.


    • Just select the class, section, subject and exam for which you have to delete the results.
    • Then click on Delete Result button below.

Delete Result

  • Student Goals :- These are some more fields which are shown in the Report card of the Student. The fields like My Strength, My Goal, My Hobbies etc are there. Data entry for these field can be done in this segment.


    • Select the class from above for which you have to do the entry.
    • You will see 4 Points on the top My Strength, My Goals, My Interests and Hobbies and Responsibilities Discharged Exceptional Achievements. Below the list of the selected class will open with name of all the students of that class and these 4 points in the header.
    • In the empty boxes in front of the name of the students you can either do manual entry or you can do an all in One entry.
    • Fill the box points above and click on Apply to All. All the boxes will be filled with that entry.
    • After doing all the entries click on Submit. Repeat for other classes as well.

Student Goals



  1. CCE:-


Que:-  if some one say i just give descriptive entry but in report card the field show blank?

Ans:-  Go CCE and choose descriptive indicators entries and select class and click on auto generate after that in report card the descriptive indicator will be show.


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