Scholar and Staff Register

Each and every details related to the students studying in the school is stored and can be accessed in Scholar module of the eSchool ERP.
The user can manage all the data related to the students be it their personal information or documents or class details,ID cards etc. There are different segments for different purposes in the Scholar Module.

Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

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Below is the detailed description of all the segments with its functionalities, uses and also directions to use.

Manage Scholar

  • Scholar Document:-This segment is very useful and helps the user in generating various documents. One and all documents can be generated from here and can be printed. Documents like Scholar Register, Fees Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, Paid Fees Certificate, Character Certificate, Transfer Certificate etc can be printed from here.
    • Just enter the scholar no. of the student.
    • Select the type of document and click GO.

Scholar Document

  • Students List Report:- This is the most important segment of this module. In this module the user can search students by using various filters such as class,bus route,bus stop,caste,category and much more. The best thing in Student List Report is that user can generate notification directly from here.
    • Open the Student List Report Page.
    • Enter the filter by which you have to search the student. For ex, if you want to search for student who are studying in 10th class and want to inform them about board exams then select X std from class option and click on Submit.
    • All the students studying in X std will appear.
    • Below there is a button named Generate Notification, click that.
    • When you will click on that it will redirect you to Informational Notification page with the scholar no of all the X std student already written. From there you just have to type the message and click on ok.
    • There is one more option of Mass Edit, selecting which will help you to do editing in all the respective fields all in one.
Student List Report

Student List Report

  • Class Promotion :- When student pass one class and goes to next class then this segment is used. As its name gives the idea, it is used to promote student as well as full class to another class. Just select the class and section and click on GO. Student name with class and roll no along with attendance of that particular student.
    • There is a check before the name of every student.
    • Tick the student whom you want to select. There is also an option of Select All to select all student at a time.
    • Then select whether you want to Promote or Fail the selected students.
    • You can also export that data to excel to do manual entry.

Class Promotion

  • Upload Banner:- Many schools have banners as in the Letter Head which consists of the school name and other major details, these banners are mostly used while printing various important documents like TC, Character Certificate, Fees Receipt, Student Report.

    There can be different banners for different reports. This segment allows you to upload the specific banner in the system, so whenever you will generate any document it will automatically get attached.

    • Just Select the Banner type from the drop down box.
    • Select for which document you want to upload the banner.
    • Now, click on choose file, and select the banner file, the file should be in .jpg format and the size should be – min : 950×200 ; max : 1000×250.
    • After choosing the file, click on Upload.
    • Follow the same step for other documents as well.

upload banner

  • Gate Pass:- If the student is leaving the school before the actual time for some emergency, health condition, or due to some other reasons then he/she will have to get clearance from the school to cross the school gate. This is the time where this segments comes in use. This segment allows you to generate Gate Pass for the students who are leaving early.
    • When you will open the page you will see a form with  the heading Generate Gate Pass.
    • Fill up the form with necessary details like the scholar no , bus no , reason for leaving the school.
    • After filling all the details click on Print Gate Pass.
    • Gate pass will be generated with 3 copies.
    • One is to be kept in school for school records.
    • Second is to be given to the person who came to pick up the student to show in school gate while leaving.
    • And third is to be kept with parents.
    • You can also search or re print the gate passes by entering the scholar no of a particular student or by giving a date range.

Gate Pass

  • Vacancy Detail:- This segment usually gives us the knowledge about the classes strength. That how much is the total intake in that class and how many students are promoted to the next class.

    The system checks the number of unpromoted student and Calculate the Vacancy. This is used mainly in schools to see whether more admissions can be taken or not in a particular class or not.
    You can also take the report in 3 formats i.e. PDF, Excel or Word.

Vacancy Detail

  • Bank Chalan:- If the student is paying his/her fees from bank, then the school can generate Bank Challans or we can say deposit slip for student.
    The student will have to fill this challan and submit in the bank with the money.The Bank Challan which is generated contains all the information of the student as well as the amount which is due and the due date. Just select the scholar no or class and then select the mode of payment and click go. After this from bottom click on the Generate Bank Challan button. You can also edit or insert new set of instructions which will be displayed on the top of the bank challan.

Bank Chalan

  • Id Card :-Many schools have made school identity card compulsory in their school for all the students studying in that school. The school issue ID cards to the students. This segment helps in generating ID Cards for the students. ID cards are generated from the Scholar details and it is generated only for those students whose photo is uploaded in their scholar register.

ID Card

  • Manage Scholar:- This segment is used to configure the main scholar register and if you want add new scholar (if there is a new admission) then this segment is used. This segment has various sub segments, we will discuss all of them in brief :-

    • Add Scholar :- If there is a new admission in the school, then the details of that particular student is entered this sub-segment. There are plenty of details which are to be entered here as it is a very important form because every other activity of that student is dependent on this form. Just enter all details related to that student and click on Update.

Add Scholar

    • Edit Scholar:- If you want to do some changes in any of the student studying in the school then just enter his/her scholar no. in the Edit Scholar segment and do whatever change you want and click on Update. Whenever you will update, a notification will be sent to the parents describing the suitable changes you have done.

Edit Scholar

    • Activate & Deactivate Scholar:- If a student is taking TC then before generating the TC the student should be deactivated first. In this segment you can either activate or deactivate any student by entering his/her scholar no. XII std also needs to be deactivated before generating TC so there is also an option of deactivating the whole XII std at once. Just select the class and click on deactivate. The whole XII std will get deactivated.

Activate & Deactivate Scholar

    • Reassigning Roll No.:- If you want to re-arrange roll no either according to the Scholar no or in alphabetical order, then you can use this sub segment. Just select the class for which you have to re assign the Roll No and click on show. The list of student from that class will appear. Now select any one of the following options (Reassign Alphabetically or Reassign by Scholar No).

Reassigning Roll No.



  1. SCHOLAR:-


Que:- How we generate t.c or c.c of student?

Ans:-  Go Scholar —> Scholar document —–> select transfer certificate and click on generate button.
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