? Each school comprises of a lot of things which is required for the smooth functioning of the school management for ex computer for labs, bus expenses and maintenance, various stationary items etc. In eSchool ERP we have a separate module for Stock Management. All the entries related to stock are done in this module. The stock module contains 3 segments namely – Stock Register, Item Master and Purchase Issue.
Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

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We will discuss about each segment below.


  • Stock Register :- As the name itself denotes, stock register helps in checking over the entries made in stock module. All the entries like that of computer peripherals, stationery items, furniture items, books etc are done in the module which can be search through their specific categories here.
    • When you will open the Stock Register segment, you will see a search box on the Top.
    • Enter the name of the category by which you have to search and click on GO.
    • The list of the stock entries will appear with Name of the stock, particulars, quantity, price etc.
    • You will see a Details button in the end. By clicking on that you will see a pop up containing the purchase and issue details of that particular object.
    • The Print button near Go allows you to take print out of all the entries.

Stock Register


  • Item Master :- Whenever school purchases a new stock like 10 PCs, Laptops , Printers, etc. the entries of all those items are done here. There are various fields which the user have to fill regarding those items.


    • You will see various fields like Item Name, Unit, Description etc.
    • Provide all the necessary details and click on Submit.
    • You can see the entries you made in the list below.
    • You can Edit/Delete/Print any entries by using the relevant button.

Item Master


  • Purchase Issue :- The items which you enter in the Item Master segment, are a one time entry. For ex you made entries of various items like Computer, Chair, Table etc. All these entries will be saved in the system so whenever you will buy the same item once again you will not have to do the entry of that item one more time. In this case this segment comes in use.
    • Enter the name of the item in the Search Item box and click on GO.
    • You will see the details of that particular item below.
    • Below there will be 2 columns namely Purchase and Issue.
    • In the purchase column, all the previous Purchase details related to that particular item will be displayed.
    • If you want to make a new purchase entry then you can do it by entering all the relevant purchase details in the form below.
    • Details like Date of Purchase, Vendors name, Quantity, Price etc are to be filled in that form and then click on Submit.
    • The entry will be displayed in the purchase column.
    • Same thing can be applied for the Issue details if you are issuing some item to a particular staff or person.
    • All the previous Issue related entries will get displayed and new entries can also be made.
    • Both the Purchase and Issue details list can be printed using the Print button.

Purchase Issue
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