Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools

Student ID Card

Many schools have made school identity card compulsory in their school for all the students studying in that school. The school issue ID cards to the students.
Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.


This segment helps in generating ID Cards for the students. ID cards are generated from the Scholar details and it is generated only for those students whose photo is uploaded in their scholar register.

Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools

Attendance Marking with ID Cards

A new and innovative way of marking Attendance of the students using Digitized NFC ID cards, blowing away all the typical paper work usually done by the school staffs so that they can have a taste of the ongoing digital technology and can get releived from all the hectic pressure to maintain the attendance. Whereas the parents gets instant notification as soon as the card is tapped on the NFC enabled device. Below you can find a short description on how the cards are configured and how you can mark attendance of the students using NFC cards.

Student ID Card Configuration

  • You will be given a parallel eschool helper app to configure various thing and marking the attendance.
  • Make sure that each student is having a photograph in their Scholar Register.
  • You can click the photograph and also associate an NFC card at the same time through that app.
  • You will have to get NFC cards in which the ID card can be printed, that also using the ID card module in the eSchool ERP.
  • After mapping each and every card, the system is now ready to Mark the Attendance directly by just tapping his/her card on the NFC enabled device or smartphone which have NFC feature in it.

In the video below you can see a demo on how to configure student id cards.

NFC Student Attendance with eSchool

  • After completing all the configuration like clicking the photographs of the students, mapping NFC cards to each students and mapping the special cards, you are ready to mark the attendance in a digitized way.
  • Get an NFC device or a smart phone which has NFC features in it and place in the entrance of your school or wherever you want to place it.
  • Open the Mark Attendance page.
  • Now the student will come one by one and tap their id cards on that device, when the card is tapped there will be a beep sound in that mobile alongwith flash light indicator to make sure that the card is tapped successfully for that student.
  • After all the students have tapped their cards, their is a special card which is to be tapped after which the system marks all the students whose cards are tapped as Present and those student whose cards are not tapped as Absent.

In the video below you can see a demo on how the attendance is marked in the NFC device.