• All classes: A list of all the classes scheduled at any point and time, it can be used as a time table for online classes
  • Class analysis: A comprehensive view of class logistics like the duration number of students that were present etc.
  • Billing: All the OC ( online classes) credit are shown here with their remaining amount and the charges.
  • Inspection: This feature allows you to inspect the classes as you normally would on any regular day to ensure discipline and a well-behaved class.
  • Join Class: Parents see this option to join the scheduled classes exclusively for their students.
  • Request to speak: It is a feature used by students to communicate with teachers, they can also choose to chat on the classroom message board.



Tested on Indian networks

We have tested our product throughout Indian networks and it works without a hiccup on 99 percent of them.

Classroom like

Our team works a day in and out to deliver something that is exactly like classrooms, hence a video class that works on request to speak rather than unsure to speak.



We have given you an amazing option to do your Invigilation without revealing your presence to the teacher of students.



Unlike register video conference software we are an online classroom that logs attendance and no outsider can join, to ensure safety and quality of expert that teachers get.

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