• Question Bank: Create your own question bank. Enter directly in the system or upload from excel. Enter questions in multiple languages, attach images with questions.
  • Topics: Tag each question with multiple topics and define its difficulty level on a scale of 1 to 10.
  • Subjective/Objective: Define whether a question is subjective or objective. Define options and correct answer for objective questions.
  • Create Test: Create and schedule tests to be taken by students.
  • Randomize: Generate questions for the test by selecting from the question bank or asking the system to randomly generate from the bank by specifying no. of questions, topic, and difficulty level.
  • Generate password: Generate a password slip for students to take the test. New password generated for each student and each test schedule.
  • Take Test: Students take tests by logging into the system with the password generated for this test. Questions appear in the same order for everyone, but options are shuffled.
  • Analyze Results: Analyze results after the test and view the correct percentage by a question and by students. After test time is over, when students log in using the test passwords, they see correct answers and their attempts for each question.
  • Notify Results sent to parents on the app as soon as the test is taken by the students.
  • Send to App: Entire test is available on the app along with the corrected answer and student options, once the test time is over.
  • Associate CCE: Option to associate Online exam results with any exam created for the report card. If selected, marks obtained by students in the online examination are automatically weight averaged and entered in the relevant section.



3 Step procedure

Our utility is very simple to create tests, select questions, and schedule test just 3 three steps from your mobile phone to schedule the test.


Question Bank

Once you get your teachers a habit of uploading test questions in ERP you have plenty of questions for revision tests before the main final exam.


More than just MCQ's

Our new recent development included Math questions and their solutions and short answer type of questions.


Instant assorted results

As soon as the test is over results are readily available to teachers for analysis. Parents can see the results too over their app.

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