Online Classes: Strategies for Working Efficiently

Taking online classes is the new trend it will stay for the time being until you have the schools running at normal pace. Taking online class is exhaustive as you are unable to express it as you would in person. 2 hours of an Online session is identical to a typical class of 60 minutes. Many other studies support the claim it might seem easy, but it makes students quit in short time. Students are less likely to give up learning in-class environment.

We have attached many ways that can help you keep the interest of your students for a longer duration.

Plan Your Online Classes

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up some place else.”

― Yogi Berra

Planning is a skill mastered by a few it may seem frivolous at first, but must to every action that you need to plan. Delivering a lecture, you should follow an action plan. Topic you will cover in that session List of references PDF for students to revise

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Online Classes

Online classes or lectures can have two types – Synchronous lectures mean that lectures that take place in real time. When both teachers and students can maintain bidirectional communication. You can host an interactive session with your students. Asynchronous is stark opposite of synchronous online class as it is a recorded session by the teacher. Students can clarify their doubts in a separate portal. eSchoolApp has a unique approach at this concept. Online classes aids use a student who missed the lecture can revisit the lecture. You can book your demo here!

Set Up A Reliable Working Station

Your workstation is not a cellphone or a computer. Your workstation is handy notes, your references a webcam. In case you want to share notes via the camera and also something that keeps you going may be a photograph or plant.

Your workstation should not distract you but keeps you focused and going at the task in hands.

Motivate Your Students

Like how you need motivation to keep yourself up at night to either prepare for new topics or solving the unsolvable. The students need it too. Keeping your students motivated is responsibility as a class and on a personal level as well.

Try to involve the student in classroom activities, by addressing the common issues that they face during the whole learning experience or about common personal issues.

Ask For Help And Feedback

As a teacher you need constant feedback and always a healthy two-way communication is better for both students and teachers.

You can arrange for the feedback sessions for parents. We can expect the infection rates to go down in the upcoming session. Definitely, online classes are here to stay. It aids students who are unable to join the classes as each class can get recorded for revision later.

Using Online exams as feedback tool so that it you can understand students progress and to follow how much they are retaining? You can read here about how to take less time in grading the question papers.