Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools


Online exams are a new way of learning for students and the online exam module is the exact tool that you will need to set up engaging exams with different difficulty levels.
Build online exams for different classes and subjects with great ease to create a rich learning experience for your students.
In this module you can create the online exam schedules which fends off the chaos and maintains the smooth functioning.

Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.


As the exams are conducted online, in the very same way, this module assists you in integrating that particular exam to any of the CCE exams in the uniform way.

Create an online exam, schedule it when you want, add/manage students or questions for the exam all with ease. There are various segments in this module. We will discuss about each module below.

  • Question Bank:- While taking the exams online, it is necessary to feed the questions in the system according to the classes. This module as per its name stores all question of each class and also helps to add new question.
  • In the Add Question, you will see various fields.
  • Enter the question in the Question field.
  • Enter Answer Comment, Tag Topics.
  • Select difficulty level of that question from the scale of 1-10.
  • Check if you want that question to be Subjective.
  • Attach image if you want to ,and click on Submit.
  • You can also Import Questions from Excel, by downloading the sample import file and following the
  • Instructions given with that and then uploading that file and clicking on Upload.
  • You can search the questions which are already entered in the system by using various Filters given to search questions.
  • You can search the questions class wise, subject wise etc.
  • Create Test :- After adding all the questions in the system for all the classes, the next step is to Create Test. In layman’s term you can say it is used to create new online exam.
  • In the Top you will see various filters.
  • Select the class for which you to take create test and then select for which subject and click on Go.
  • If there are some test which are already made for that class it will show below.
  • If there are no test for that class then you can create a new test from Add Test section below.
  • Give the Test Name and check if it is subjective or not and click on Create.
  • You can also Import already made test and questions by using Import From Excel option.
  • Just download the sample import file and follow the instructions given with that.
  • Then upload the import file and click on Submit.
  • After creating the test, you can see that particular test in the Page with all the related details.
  • You can Edit/Delete the test by clicking the relevant button.
  • You can check or select what all question you need by clicking on the Questions tab.
  • It will take you to the new page where you can select the questions for that particular test.
  • You can also tally or recheck the Answers for all the Questions.
  • You can also Auto Generate the questions for that test by using Auto Generate Tests section.
  • Select all the questions which you want to take and click on Update below.
  • After selecting the questions for the test the next part is Scheduling the test.
  • In the create test page you will see the Schedule button in front of that particular test.
  • After clicking on the Schedule button, it will take you to new page.
  • In that page you can see the details of your test.
  • Here in the Create Schedule box, enter for which section you have to schedule that test.
  • Then enter the Start Date Time and End Date Time.
  • Provide Instructions if you want to.
  • You can also associate this test to any of the CCE exam.
  • Select the exam in which you want to associate this test like FA1, FA2 etc then select the criteria.
  • After doing all this entry click on Schedule.
  • After clicking on Schedule, you can see that test’s details on the same page.
  • You will now have to generate username and password for the students.
  • You can do this by clicking on Generate Pwd button.