Scholar Attendance

The daily attendance is one of the most crucial task of every school. But eSchool handles it very smoothly and provides a very soothing experience while marking attendance, along with reducing a lot of paperwork and manual labour.
Highlights of this module’s features can be found here.

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Attendance module consists of various segments. The detailed description of which are displayed below.

  • Daily attendance :- This is the first and very important segment of Attendance module. This segment allows you to mark attendance on a daily basis. To mark the attendance there are few simple steps which are to be followed.
  • Enter the date for which you have to mark the attendance. Then click on GO.
  • You see the list of all classes with a box in front of it.
  • There is also a check box under the heading FULL.
  • If all the students are present in the class then user should tick on that check box to mark the class as full.
  • Otherwise, enter the scholar no of all the students who are absent in that particular class.
  • After entering all the scholar no for all the classes, click on Mark Attendance tab on the bottom.
  • When you will click on Mark Attendance, the attendance for all the classes will get marked and the parents will get notification regarding that instantly.
  • If by mistake you have marked wrong attendance, then you can clear the attendance for a particular date by clicking on Clear Attendance tab near the Mark Attendance tab.
  • There is also an option of importing attendance.
  • Click on the Import Excel link, a drop down set of instructions will come.
  • Follow the instructions for importing file and also download the Sample file for importing.
  • After completion upload the file and then mark the attendance.
  • Mark Leaves :- If you want to mark leave for some students who are not able to attend school due to various reason then you can mark it from the Mark Leaves segment.
  • When you will go to mark leaves page, you will see a form with various heads such as sch no application no etc
  • Enter the sch no. for whom you have to mark leave.
  • Enter the date range for which the student is on leave.
  • Enter the reason due to which student is taking leave.
  • Then click on Insert. Leave will marked.
  • If you want to see how many students have taken leave , then you can enter the sch no. in the box under the heading “Search by Scholar No.”. Then click on GO.
  • Mark Holidays :- If school want to mark holidays for some special reason, festival, preparation leave, summer vacation etc. then they can mark it from this segment. Holidays can be marked day wise as well as range wise.
  • First , go to the Mark Holidays page.
  • If you want to enter Holiday only for single day, then select Day wise.
  • Enter the date on which you have to mark holiday, then click on GO.
  • Enter the reason for holiday and then click on apply to all if you want to give holiday to whole school.
  • But if you want to apply holiday to only selected classes then tick the check box of that particular class and give the reason and then click on Mark Holiday.
  • If you want to Mark Holiday for more than one day then you go to Range wise and enter the Date Range on which you have to mark the holiday and then click on Mark Holiday.
  • Monthly attendance :- If you are not marking daily attendance and want to do all in one entry, then Monthly Attendance option will be very useful to you. In this segment, user can view as well as mark attendance class wise for whole month. The steps for marking monthly attendance are listed below.
  • First select the class for which you have to mark the attendance.
  • Then select the date with month for which you have to mark attendance.
  • A sheet will open with the name of all the students of that class written vertically and the days and date of the month written horizontally.
  • You will see cells for each student with for each day.
  • Just right click on that cell, a small menu will appear with present selected by default , you can change it by clicking on the Present and change it to Absent.
  • When the attendance is marked completely for all the student, click on SAVE button.
  • If you are marking only those students who are absent and then clicking on SAVE then by default the rest of the students will be marked present.
  • You can also print the sheet for that particular month by clicking on Print tab.
  • If you want to take print out for all the months then you can do it by clicking on Print All.
  • You can also Export this file to excel by clicking on Export Excel tab.

Daily summary report :- In this segment , the user can take out daily attendance report. It will show class wise report as how many students are present in a particular for a particular date. User can also take out print of this report.

  • Filtering Report :- To take out attendance percentage report of the student for different class , then it can be done in this segment. Just select the class of which you have to see the attendance report, set the percentage criteria and click on OK.

In this segment you can also generate appreciation card for the student who have scored 100 % attendance by clicking on Generate Appreciation Card tab at the bottom.

In the above image you can see how the filtering report page looks like. You can also Export that report to excel file by clicking on Export button near OK.

  • Mass Attendance :- If the user is not marking daily attendance or monthly attendance in the system then they can do a mass entry of the attendance in the system for the whole school by using the Mass Attendance segment.
  • Open Mass Attendance page, Select class and section and click on GO.
  • Enter the attendance figure for the whole term and also enter the total number of working days.
  • Then click apply to all.
  • Repeat the process for Term 2 as well.
  • Enter for all the classes.

By this you can do attendance entry once in a year in the system.



Que:-  Can we mark monthly attendance?

Ans:-  Go Attendance module and monthly attendance segment, Choose class and click on ok button monthly attendance list will be open,

now choose student cell, —>then right click on them,—–> a small list box show there——> now choose present or absent option—–> click on submit button,  now Attendance will be marked.

Que:- If Any  Student want to leave then how we can give them leave?

Ans:-  Go Attendance module and the mark leave  segment then

——–>choose Student ————> Application number is auto generated——–>Fill reson filed (eg. fever, family trip etc)——–> fill dates for leaves and ———> click on insert button leave will be generate.

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