Preschools in India

Best Preschools in India


A Preschool also referred to as nursery faculty, playschool or kindergarten that's presenting early life schooling to youngsters before they begin primary schooling, that is between 3-5 years of age. These are the Schools that Manage kids under 6.

Why Preschool?

Children who attend Preschool are prepared to enter kindergarten, both academically and socially. There is a possibility to analyze starting capabilities regarding the alphabet, numbers, and spatial awareness, emphasis on teaching children problem-solving abilities, supporting youngsters to increase their knowledge and boom their moral values and etiquette. Below mentioned are the best preschool that are in India.

Treehouse Chain of schools


  • Tree House Play School is one of the excellent self-worked Preschool chains, the school has majorly awareness all through the country due to the fact that its commencement in Mumbai in 2003.

  • Their educational program is based on Play Way and Montessori philosophy. 

  • They use customized solutions to keep parents involve in the process of students learning.

Bachpan Play School Franchise

  • BACHPAN is the flagship brand of S. K. Educations Pvt. Ltd. – The Nation’s leading Preschool Education provider.

  • They introduce the spirit of joy and inspire kids for learning new things and outshine in the competitive world.

  • Bachpan has all that developing little ones need to complete their early education with unique coaching methodologies.

Natkhat Kids Preschool

  • Quality education in the early years of preschool sets a company basis inside the universal development of the child.

  • At Natkhat Kids Playschool, the nursery curriculum presents the right set of activities to assist kids to get knowledge of dreams.

  • In nursery, kids will be engaged in school readiness like analyzing, writing, counting, number of popularity, and problem solving via play fun. 

Cre-8-tive Corner Pre School

  • The Cre-8-tive Corner Preschool set up in 2016, In Urban Estate Jind, this is the primary department.

  • In affiliation with ‘Kreedology – Early Education Redefined’, Cre-8-tive Corner Preschool introduced the idea of Learning through Models, pics and live examples at a large scale.

  • With the help of hardworking and devoted staff, they've managed  an outstanding quantity and a non-stop attempt to make the management even higher and better.

Little Einstiens Pre School

  • Little Einstein's Preschool started  in 2007 with a vision of providing learning situations that focuses on self-reliance for kids designed by  Dr. Howard Gardner.

  • Little Einstein’s roots to offer rich and stimulating getting to know environmental curriculum which helps individual needs and permits students to acquire their full capacity.

  • The undertaking of Little Einstein's Preschool is to ensure that education is particular to a toddler’s want where the emphasis is on a way to learn; as they say “The genius is within.”

Kidzee Preschool

  • Kidzee Preschool is one of the prime franchises in India and Nepal.

  • Kidzee has more than 9, 00,000 students in India. It has over 1900+ facilities in over 750+ cities because of the most successful Preschool chain.

  • Kidzee remains focused on nurturing the ‘unique capacity’ in every baby.

EuroKIds Pre School

  • Euro Kids has been released in 2001 & since then it has quickly modified the frontal of Preschool education.

  • The success of Euro kids is one of the exceptional schooling providers which will increase the expediencies of hopeful parents, they're keen to look their kids as a blossom.

  • This achievement of Euro School that's found in 3 countries, spread throughout 350+cities, nurtured over 3 lakhs students and with 17 year’s experience and greater than 1000 facilities of it.

hello kids preschool

  • It is the first and foremost playschool group that began in India.

  • It is an aggregate of Montessori, Play Way, and Gurukul approach to teaching.

  • HELLO KIDS tries to transform of restless children into smart children, develops and confident baby who is prepared to present themselves to the world.

little millennium preschool

  • Little Millennium is a developing chain of preschools initiated by the best and the most experienced minds inside the discipline of education.

  • Little Millennium has served over 1, 30,000 families since its inception.

  • Our unique seven petal Preschool curriculums guarantees overall development of every baby based on sequential and milestone approach. 

pebbles pre school

  •  Pebbles Preschool includes the Play Group, Kindergarten and Day Care, their facilities are hence near working areas.

  • Pebbles' Preschool mission is to provide a secure, friendly environment for children with lively, innovative minds to encourage acting on their ideals with knowledge and compassion for others.

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