Need for Schools to embrace Digital India and use School Management Tools

Transport Management

Many different things like Scholar Information, Attendance, Fees, Staff etc everything can be managed but it is also very much important to manage one more crucial thing ie Transport. eSchool ERP provides a very smooth and easy to access Transport module, which helps the school to manage all the day to day activities related to buses in the school, drivers details, expenses, mishaps maintenance and also one of the most innovative and beneficial feature of eSchool ie GPS Bus Tracking. All GPS devices can be monitored from this module.

Highlights of this module‚Äôs features can be found here.


There are many segments and subsegments in this module. We will discuss each of them briefly below.

Report :- As the name denotes, this segment is used to take out various reports related to the transportation and its maintenance. This proves to be very beneficial for the school authorities as they do not have to do all the typical and time consuming paper work to maintain all the records of transportation. Reports like Maintenance Report, Miscellaneous Report etc can be taken out.

Maintenance Report :- In this the information related to maintenance can be taken out and the maintenance of the vehicles in your school can be managed. This report will give you information of maintenance schedule and pending maintenance.

  • Just select the Report type, reg no. of the vehicle, route no., maintenance part and no of days and click Go.
  • The detailed report will be opened below which can be saved in Excel, Pdf or Word formats.