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TOP 10 –Unique schools of the world

There are schools that have gone a level ahead to provide top of class education and have made efforts to uplift the obscure section of the society. From Hilltops to Caves, from modern paperless schools to Ancient centuries old Schools we have Complied a list of all the unique schools around the world.

Bishmizzine High School

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  •  A high faculty in Shamsin, an ancient school that has proven its life and excellence for decades.
  • The school goes beyond making efforts to educate the students.
  •  Our concern is to nurture a student rooted within the ethical and patriotic values, a free man who isn’t enslaved to any shape of evil this is invading our society.
  • They believe that education is close cooperation between faculty and mother and father.

Life International Christian Academy

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  • Life International Christian Academy (LICA) is an independent school registered with the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and Accelerated Education Enterprise (AEE) South Africa.
  • The school has been in operation given that 2014 and caters for children from 3 years to grade 12.
  • Providing bible-based education that provides the student with a complete education in the body.
  • LICA is registered with the International Christian Certificate of Education (ICCEL) for the General Certificate and Light House Christian Academy (LCA) for Advanced Certificates.

Boat School

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  • On the Atrai River in the northwest of Bangladesh, a little beige vessel is tied up in tall grass that lines the riverbank.
  • The inside of the vessel is stuffed with slender seats which thusly are stuck with kids.
  • There are 29 students right now class and it is difficult to