There are schools that have gone a level ahead to provide top of class education and have made efforts to uplift the obscure section of the society. From Hilltops to Caves, from modern paperless schools to Ancient centuries old Schools we have Complied a list of all the unique schools around the world.

Bishmizzine High School

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• A high faculty in Shamsin, an ancient school that has proven its life and excellence for decades.
• The school goes beyond making efforts to educate the students.
• Our concern is to nurture a student rooted within the ethical and patriotic values, a free man who isn't enslaved to any shape of evil this is invading our society.
• They believe that education is close cooperation between faculty and mother and father.

Life International Christian Academy

• Life International Christian Academy (LICA) is an independent school registered with the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and Accelerated Education Enterprise (AEE) South Africa.
• The school has been in operation given that 2014 and caters for children from 3 years to grade 12.
• Providing bible-based education that provides the student with a complete education in the body.
• LICA is registered with the International Christian Certificate of Education (ICCEL) for the General Certificate and Light House Christian Academy (LCA) for Advanced Certificates.

Boat School 

• On the Atrai River in the northwest of Bangladesh, a little beige vessel is tied up in tall grass that lines the riverbank.
• The inside of the vessel is stuffed with slender seats which thusly are stuck with kids.
• There are 29 students right now class and it is difficult to fit anything else into the thin vessel. The children sit side by side confronting a chalkboard at the rear of the vessel.
• It is one of 23 boats that facilitate all year schools right now Bangladesh run by Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha, a neighborhood not-for-profit gathering.
• Every morning the Boat moves on the waterway getting students. When the entire class is ready, they head over to the riverbank and school begins for the afternoon.

Witch School

• On April 1, 2009, Witch School included instructive entries for the United Kingdom, Europe, and South Africa.
• They have over 40,000 Students studying under the wing.
• In June 2009, Witch School included an interpersonal organization based the Ning Platform and a Headquarters in Second Life.
• This spot never again exists. The School is online as it were.

Dong Zhong: The Cave School, China

• This grade school was set up in 1984 and continues working. They have 8 teachers and something like 186 individuals.
• It creates the impression that in a couple of parts of China has a nonattendance of thing for school so they expected to pick something like this.
• Amazing school Dongzhong Cave (China) is setup in a cave. Despite school in the opening there are study halls, ball and various games.

School of the Future, Philadelphia

  • This is the school where numerous future pioneers make their future since 2006.

  • The Microsoft accepts students from various backgrounds, most of which originate from low-income families.

  •  The individuals who are accepted are given a PC, they avoid using paper altogether.

Burgess Hill School, England

• Burgess Hill School in London was a social test camouflaged as a dynamic school.
• They school had no guidelines for school children to follow, they were permitted to smoke, tune in to music and carry pets to grounds.
• This workforce contemplated this liberal outlook so much that even exercises were wilful.
• All things considered the school is never again in activity

 Gulu Elementary School, China

• Gulu Village elementary school is covered up in the centre of the mists. For a long time, it has been watched by an instructor called Shen Qijun.

• Instructor Shen has worked each day in the course of recent years, profoundly acquiring the neighborhood residents' regard.

• School materials/assets are excessively lacking, and it is hard for the kids learning under this sort of condition.

The Train Platform Schools, India

• The Indian mentor Inderjit Khurana assisted with making uncommon resources all through India to assist kids with showing themselves as opposed to asking for cash.
• These instruct schools came upon at showing stops around India to help understudies who don't need to get right of section to preparing in light of financial limitations.
• So some separation those schools have introduced instruction to 4000 understudies just as dinners and restorative medications to their families.

Berkeley Forest School, US

• Berkeley Forest School is based on fundamental humanitarian standards, as well as respect for children and their potential to assemble their understanding.
• Children have the right to play, discover, and take dangers, at the same time as conscious of their connection to the invigoratingly complex herbal global.
• Teachers support is the rich desert of the kid's imagination with the aid of facilitating their efforts in inquiry, research, and evaluation.
• They honor the innate connection -- a connection that is crucial to being nice as individuals and towards society.
• The Academy facilitates a deeper knowledge of local ecology and community-learning through education.