What is ERP and types of ERP

What is ERP and types of ERP

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the highly specific application that manages and integrates the complete enterprise and interconnect all the departments of a firm. 

Based on its industry specific application ERP is classified in many categories

​School ERP

School ERP

School management definitely requires a software that can help them with all the basic needs is not cheap on hosting and well versed with the practical issues, of the school. School management software is a growing demand that can integrate the IoT devices and take care of all the basic needs at an economic cost. The difference between cheap ERP and Best school software solution available in market.

  • Hosting –  The hosting is on very low quality servers that does not always ensure the best connectivity. 
  • Branded apps-  Any school can use a branded app over a generic app that increases the security risk
  • Data security risk – If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, many companies just lower the rates in market to access the pool of data that  includes details of kids and all their family details, with transport timings.  Ensure that you are not falling for a scam like this and exposing your data to unwanted parties. 


A FMCG firm actively manages stock and inventory, from vendor to retailer to end user. Everything is a part of the FMCG industry, to manage the workflow how the product get manufactured and its logistics. 

There are following features that are very necessary for the any FMCG workflow. 

  • Interconnected vendor and seller – An integrated system that takes in the requirement from the resellers and forwards it to the vendor directly, this  streamline t