eSchoolApp voucher inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, daily expenditure, Incoming and outgoing payments entry and maintenance of stock availability.


  • Config Masters: Schools need to config the “Voucher Heads.” This page can be beneficial for the user in the categorization of various heads into a single category or group. All sundry purchases or expenses head name and the group is defined in this section such as Expenses, Furniture, and Electricity bill, and so on.
  • Parties Name: This section allows the school to input the parties’ names through which daily debit and credit transactions are taking place. It ultimately helps the school to figure out the expenses and income individually.
  • Create Vouchers: This section allows the voucher entry of every incoming and outgoing transaction. Schools can make the selection based on the above configuration. Schools can select the Voucher Head, Party Name, Payment Mode, and Amount type (Credit or Debit). Afterward, voucher receipt can be generated in pdf.
  • Account Reports: For every school managing the inventory becomes a very cumbersome task. Managing all the reports in one place is quite a thing. Nevertheless, eSchoolApp reports are easy to export and find everything in one place. This exclusive report is a combination of three reports. It includes the Stock Sales Report (Income), Fees Daybook Collection (Income), and Staff Salary Dispatch (Expense). Various filters are also available for generating reports based on Voucher number, Voucher Heads, Payment Type, and many more.
  • Income and Expenses: Based on the date selection, the school can get the Income and Expenditure report in a single click.  The export functionality is available in all reports.




  • Simple and fast entry process.
  • Schools are moving from desktop software to mobile app where financial data is accessed on the cloud.


Reduce chances of error

When you maintain your accounts manually, the chances of making errors are multifold. Even a routine task such as invoicing, if gone wrong, can lead to multiple repercussions in your accounting data, which become tough to rectify. However, eSchoolApp provides a simple method of using and maintaining the vouchers in the most effective way. 

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