• All integrated: Our systems have a biometric attendance machine into the system in such a way that salaries are pre-calculated. As a result, it eases the task of the school administrator to prepare a salary report.


  • Instant updates: In particular, every parent gets notified about the attendance of their child. Therefore, staff employees can get real-time updates about their working hours.



Biometric Instant Updates

Biometric Instant updates

Our biometrics devices are resilient and tested. It keeps the users and staff updated about attendance in real-time. Hence, zero delays and transparent system.
Biometric notification

Informed Staff

Moreover, every notification is on-time. For example, parents get updated about the presence of the students. In this way, it can keep a track record of attendance.
Biometric No time theft

No Time Theft

Biometric Device Attendance machines have changed the working scenario. This Biometric devices have taken away the load and prevented employees’ time theft. On the whole, it also ensured workforce compliance as well as employers’ peace of mind.
Biometric face

Face Recognition

On the whole with the rise of new technologies, facial recognition is the new trend. Above all, we support it in the biometric devices that you use.

Contactless attendance

Most with the use of RFID, Biometric Device, and facial recognition. Schools are able to create a contactless environment for students and staff.


No third party gateway

We don’t use any third-party software to calculate attendance or salary for staff. Thus, everything is home-grown for better usage and maintenance.

Service and Product Quality

Our auxiliary products and services are high in quality. For us, the most essential factor is to give our customers satisfaction. Support helps you right from the installation of a Biometric Device to its maintenance.

Fingerprints Identification

To record attendance, worker or employee will register one or two fingerprints. It requires an employee to his / her fingertip against the finger scanner section. This will record their attendance and also will create payroll and salary report


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